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Kennard Industries, Inc. is as company with fewer than 10 employees and is thus exempt from labeling our products with a Proposition 65 label.

Our old formulation had three items on the Proposition 65 list:

Carbon Black - This is listed as a dust. Carbon Black in our formulation is bound in our products.

Vinyl Chloride - Only in a gaseous form. Not in our products as a gaseous form.

DINP - Was not supposed to be on the Proposition 65 list but CA put it in any way.

For our old formulation - Kennard Industries Proposition 65

Our newer formulation uses nothing on the Proposition 65 list.


Substsance CAS # WT%
DINP 68515-48-0 16.56
Carbon Black 1333-86-4 0.1948
Vinyl Chloride 75-01-4 4ppm















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